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If you’re in the industry, you know that producing truly fabulous coffee using an espresso machine, consistently and quickly, is not easy!

If it was, every coffee shop would be doing it. If yours is: kudos! In truth, most aren’t.

But if you could say, hand on heart, that yours is one of the very few coffee shops turning out consistently fabulous coffees, then the rewards are yours: more repeat custom, more positive reviews, and more customers through the door: word of mouth is very powerful when everyone wants something that’s so hard to find!

Mark from Cafe Allez! is now available to coach those who want raise their espresso-based coffee offer game. From our East Midlands (Leicestershire) base, we won’t be far from you.


What Keeps You Awake?
What Do You Aspire To?...

Book your free one-to-one, confidential consultation with Mark, this can be on the ‘phone, Zoom or in person. He’ll take the time to understand your current issues and pinpoint where he can unlock the biggest wins for you.

Following the free consultation, Mark will send a no-obligation quotation, outlining how he’d like to help you and the cost. If it looks good, we can get to work!

We always include a follow-up visit, if you wish, to check on progress, embed the learnings and answer any new questions arising.


How Can The CoffeeSultant Help Me?

Some, maybe all of these issues might resonate? Don’t worry, we can help with them all!

  • I’m not sure what equipment I need to produce fabulous espresso-based coffees
  • I’m not sure how to look after my equipment to get the best from it
  • I can’t figure out the optimum drinks menu to suit my customers (current, and ideally, future) ...
  • ... and I’m not sure how to vary this by season to generate excitement and more sales
  • I’d like our team to be able to convey and even justify our drinks menu to customers who may be new to coffee, or very used to the big brands.
  • I don’t know the margins I’m making on my drinks
  • I don’t know the margins I should be making on my drinks
  • I can’t say, hand on heart, that every drink that goes out is outstanding
  • I need to forge a relationship with a coffee roaster (supplier) ... or ...
  • ... My relationship with our coffee roaster could be better
  • My baristas (and / or I) need training to make outstanding drinks, consistently, to agreed specifications
  • My baristas (and / or I) aren’t sure how to ‘dial in’ the coffee, several times a day, to ensure consistency and optimum taste
  • We can produce great tasting coffees but want to take it to the next level (e.g. latte art)
  • We can produce great tasting and looking coffees but we need to do it faster

Why Should Mark Be Your Coffee Consultant?

Since you asked ... and not unreasonably! ...

  • I love coffee and actively seek out the few coffee shops that make it well
  • I’ve made way more mistakes on an espresso machine than you or your team and I’ve learned from them all
  • I was responsible for the coffee experience at the famous Cafe Allez! Belvoir Castle ... we had a reputation for quality coffee. In fact, we never once had to pay out on our ‘Love Your Coffee As Much As We Do ... Or Your Money Back’ promise!
  • We achieved a 5* scores on the doors rating, 5* and a Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor, 5* on Facebook and 4.7* on Google
  • Our mobile coffee van, Henri, has been booked and re-booked by clients such as the Marriott Hotels Group, Dolce & Gabbana, Allianz, Collecting Cars...
  • I was trained by renowned Nottingham roasters, 200 Degrees
  • I’ve personally trained all the baristas on our team
  • I’m used to producing great coffee fast, under huge pressure, at events and in coffee shops. And I still love doing it!
  • I can train at your shop, on your equipment, or on board Van Henri at our home in Stathern (near Melton Mowbray / Grantham), or we can travel...
  • You’ll find me supportive, sometimes challenging and demanding, honest, hands-on and fun to work with
  • Confidentiality is assured: I’ll only speak about our work together if you want me to

Our Rates:

  • Initial consultation / joint diagnosis (up to 1 hour): Free
  • Hourly rates: £45 ex VAT plus 45p per mile from LE14 4HJ
  • Hire of Van Henri and all associated equipment: Price on application

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