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Our Cycle Routes

Curated by our resident High Priest of Cycling, Ollie Nuthall, each starts and ends at Cafe Allez! Belvoir Castle. You can pick up the routes at any point as part of your ride, or load the bike in your car and park with us while you enjoy your ride. We bring you the greatest roads and sights that the Vale of Belvoir has to offer, including some that could surprise even seasoned locals!

Have a browse through the routes and if you find one you like the look of you can simply hit the download button to get the .gpx file to load onto your Garmin or similar device or alternatively you can download the PDF commentary which gives you a great background to the ride with visual pointers.

Our MTB Routes

The Vale of Belvoir is lauded as a haven for road cycling with its quiet roads, stunning scenery and options for climbing (including one of the UK’s official Top 100 Climbs). However, for those who know where to look, the Vale also offers great opportunities for those who want to explore a little further with a Mountain Bike or Gravel Bike. We’re very grateful to Adam, a highly experienced and proficient local rider, for bringing us these routes for you to download and enjoy.

Our Walking Routes

Here at Cafe Allez!, we welcome dogs and muddy walking boots as much as we welcome tight fitting lycra and cycling shoes. So we've had two friends of the Cafe (and Jim their dog) design some walking routes so you can enjoy even more of the beautiful Vale of Belvoir.

We begin with two walks of fairly short duration, one being 2.5 miles and the 2nd, a 4 mile loop. Help yourself to a copy which we have available to pickup for free in the cafe. Don't forget to share your pictures with us afterwards, as we're always keen to see how it went!

Also available for free from the coffee shop, we have our Intermediate walking routes: these both head down towards Woolsthorpe by Belvoir and are around 7 miles. One includes a very picturesque stretch of the Grantham Canal.

Our longest route is currently 9.5 miles and also sets off in the direction of Woolsthorpe. This offers much variety and fantastic scenery.

The Vale Hills and Thrills

The No Two Allez, Allez! Time Trial Course

6.5 miles Time Trial 26 min 139m

Fancy a race against the clock over a short but very challenging course? This is for you! Devised by David Ward from No Two Cycles, and first ridden in anger as a handicap Time Trial in April 2020, we’d love to know your time once you set it! We strongly suggest you make your attempt early or late in the day and when roads are dry and visibility is good: traffic will thus be lighter and conditions safer.

The Vale Hills and Thrills

The Vale Hills & Thrills

19 miles Hard 1 hrs 27 min 395m

Ollie sets you a challenge here, packing plenty of climbing into this short route. The rewards: some of the best scenery in the Vale of Belvoir and one of the official Top 100 Climbs in the UK on your cycling CV.

The Velo Verde Thirty

The Velo Verde Thirty

30 miles Easy 2 hrs 8 min 308m

This ride offers spectacular and varied scenery, nothing too stretching in terms of climbing, and a chance to explore some of the lesser-known cycling highlights of the Vale. Not to mention coffee and cake at the cycling-friendly Caffe Velo Verde at Screveton.

The Vale and the Whale

The Vale And The Whale

40 miles Moderate 2 hrs 50 min 480m

This includes some climbs but is not too daunting. It takes in some of Ollie's favourite roads. Why 'The Whale'? - well, a key feature is the climb on the fabulously named 'Whalebone Lane'. And to reward you, we include a suggested mid-ride cafe stop.

The Vale and the Whale

The Blast To The Mast 100km / 1km

65 miles Challenging 4 hrs 20 min 1000m

Our most challenging ride, this undulating course offers spectacular scenery, over 100km of riding and exactly 1km of climbing. It will take even the strongest riders over 3 hours to complete but the rewards are great. The mast in question is the Waltham Transmitter and to put things in perspective, you’ll be ascending more than x3 the height of this structure today!

The Viking Marauder Explorer

The Viking Marauder Explorer

31 miles Moderate 3 hrs 10 min 501m

The route showcases some of the best scenery and riding in the area and opens up some tracks that are off-limits to those on road bikes. Very suitable for mountain bikes and gravel bikes and, as with all our routes, starts and ends at Café Allez! Belvoir Castle.

The Vale and the Whale

Reeded Cottage Loop

2.5 miles Easy 1 hr 10 min

This short but scenic route offers some fantastic Vale of Belvoir scenery and is ideal if your time with us is limited. The full route, including OS mapping, is available for free at Cafe Allez! Belvoir Castle.

The Velo Verde Thirty

Castle View & Woolsthorpe Loop

4 miles Moderate 1 hr 50 min

This route takes you down to and through the beautiful village of Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, where a pub stop could also be easily included! Whilst the route circles back on itself, the view is very different in each direction: sweeping vistas across the Vale and down into the village on the way out, with the best views available of the Castle (other than paying to enter the grounds) on your return. The full route, including OS mapping, is available for free at Cafe Allez! Belvoir Castle.


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